Friday, April 5, 2013

Belly Breath

Today was not such a good day… It wasn’t a bad day, but I have to admit to yelling at the kids at least once. Sigh… my inner monster came out. But, I explained my expectations at the store and the kids excided my expectations! Yeah! And I kept it my cool when Riley had a panic attach at the store.

Yesterday I found this perfect video yesterday, and the girls made me watch it about ton of times today! It’s perfect:


I used this method with Riley today at the store. He was panic about choosing something from the dollar section. I don’t really know why.. it drives me crazy when he does this. I’ve tried telling him that there is no wrong choice, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. But I had him breath, and the girls helped. And he got it under control. And I kept it under control. Go Super Grover Mommy!

So, Belly Breath Super Grover Mommies! It really works, and if it doesn’t seeing Elmo turn into a scary monster has to make you laugh and turn your mood around!

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