Sunday, March 31, 2013

Holidays are tough

Have you noticed how holidays are stressful? I mean, they are fun and worthwhile, but even good things can be stressful. And stress can have a disastrous effect on Super Grover Mommies! Easter really snuck up on me this year. Was I the only one? Please tell me I wasn’t! I mean, are we ever really ready for gift giving holidays? But this year, it was Friday and I was begging my parents to watch the kids so I could go Easter Bunny shopping. Thankfully, they said yes. And thankfully I had the girls’ dresses bought almost a month ago.

What I wasn’t prepared for was the flood of candy that has gone though my home the last week. It all started with the girls having not one but two birthday parties last weekend. And they came home with all that nasty piƱata candy. You know the type: bubble gum (not allowed in our house), now and laters, smarties, star busts (so hard they seem like now and laters), and my least fav: blow pops! Beka Boo hid all of her candy when she got home, pre the removal of all things gum. I kept finding wrappers, and the candy she didn’t like all over their room… and she wasn’t eating her meals! This made for a very grumpy 3 year old. I finally got all of the candy on Thursday. And Saturday was the big annual Easter Egg Hunt for my sweetheart’s family. Love going! So much fun for the kids! Tons of eggs, tons of toys to find, tons of money filled eggs to find, tons of good grub. My kids came home with SO MUCH CANDY! UGH! And today, I found Beka Boo’s stash in her bed. Sigh.

I was not at my best. I wish I was. I am really trying, but… seriously, how many time does one need to tell a kid not to put candy in their bed!

What I am finding, is that I’m turning to my Heavenly Father more. I want to me the best mommy for my kids, and I really want this to be their safe place. But, I can’t do it without heavenly help!

Tonight started really tough. We enjoyed a early dinner, thanks to crock pot magic and a wonderful quick roll recipe. My mom can for dinner and that was fun. Beka Boo was not so much fun. She had been sneaking candy all afternoon and was not hungry. She ended up spending some time in her room. But she did eat. Eventually. We have a tradition in our home. Every Easter we take pictures in the new outfits. This afternoon when we got home from church the light was just too bright. So after Mom left I asked the kids if we could get back into our new clothes… they were pretty good sports about it. Until Beka couldn’t find her tights and didn’t want to put on her shoes, and Riley couldn’t find his other dress shoe. Then the melt downs started. Screaming and crying all over. Big breath in… couldn’t find the camera… more silent prayers. Camera found, tights found, shoe (sigh) not found but that was ok. We just put on our tennis shoes and got into the van. I was starting to worry that it was getting too dark. It didn’t.

So, why was I so stressed? Why was I yelling at everyone it just get into the van and buckle up? Everything worked out great!

all kids, web

We got home and Beka was done. Ephram was done. Super Grover Mommy was done.  Beka was so upset that she could get her pjs on or something. Ephram need to nurse and was screaming. I told the kids that mommy need to 10 minute timeout! I went into my room with all the lights off. I got down on my knees (something new for me) and pleaded with my Father in Heaven for the strength to get through the next few hours.

Did I forget to mention that it’s the end of the month and all of my sweetheart’s billing has to be done, by tomorrow? So, he left right after dinner. Anyway, down on my knees I was asking for the peace in my heart to keep calm and be able to attend to everyone’s needs. I prayed for the ability to stop the escalation that was happening. And then I stayed there for a few moments. The peace came. And I was ready to go back into the fray.

I felt that if I could get Beka Boo tucked in, everything else would be easier. So, I finished changing Ephram and took him in with me to get Beka into bed. She was almost asleep before I left the room.

I brought the Emma into my room while I feed the baby. Riley joined us and we watched a little of a movie. When I was done nursing and had put the baby to bed, I was able to read to both the kids. It was so peaceful. While I was reading Riley’s story, Emma started to doze on my shoulder. We were all cuddled up on the big easy chair. Riley went to bed without to much trouble (this is a huge deal).

Pray and listen. It works. Imagine that.

So, holidays can be tough. Kids are hopped up on too much sugar. And let’s be honest, so is Super Grover Mommy. Trying to make memories, and keep it together. But I can have calm in my heart, even when things are loud and crazy. Plus, who could stay mad at this face:

Riley and the lamb, web

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